Glen Lodge offers one of the best Accommodation at the  best prices. Our rooms a also hold different themes to suit different types of guest preferences and also to give the guests a different feel each time they come to the Lodge. Our room are well furnished with Televisions, Bathrooms etc. In the more upmarket suites we have fridges as well as sitting areas for the guests. We also have WiFi that cover the whole Lodge for guest who have devices that may require internet connectivity.

We also have in-house catering for guests at their request. As part of the package offered we also have a swimming areas and a lovely garden where guests can bask in the sun or socialize with their peers.

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Located in Newton West, Number 8 Oregon Ave, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Cell:  +263 772 930 169 / + 263 712 768 675

Tel:  +263 9 460584 / Reception; + 263 9 460269


Skype: glen.lodge